About Me

My name is Crystal

I'm so thankful for God's new graces everyday

I love having a large family! I love waking them up in the morning, cooking for them, I love having to use two or three shopping carts when I get groceries, I love the holidays, vacations, schooling them, watching movies, even driving my mini bus!
I love the busy times when everyone is talking at once, I love the quiet times when I watch them sleep. I love the millions of hugs and kisses that I get and give in a day.
Do you know how much fun it is to listen to a symphony of little voices in the back of the van? Better than any radio station I've ever listened to.
The laughter and giggles, squeals and chatter. The noise. The constant, ever changing noise. Even the tears and cries and yes, sometimes screams. I have the loudest house on the block and I revel in it.
My children have constant play dates. Best friends, protectors, confidants and shoulders to cry on are always available.
My children will always have a strong family support system.
I love my large family. And as it grows, I love it even more.

UPDATE - As of July 5th 2013 I am also a Grandmother!! Gabriel Alexander was born to my son Alex!!