This 2013-2014 school year marks my 12th year homeschooling! I love spending my days learning with my children and I'm very passionate about schooling them at home.

I've graduated five of my children so far.

We are very eclectic with our schooling and visit the library often and love field trips. We use various workbooks and worksheets, textbooks and web sites.

Some our school curriculum we like -

Who is God

Exploring Creation

Biology 101

Teaching Texbooks

Total Health
Some of my favorite sites - Printables and Resources

Homeschool 101

Some of my favorite learning sites for younger children -

Free curriculum sites -

Alex graduated in 2010 and is attending HACC

Elle graduated in 2012 and is attending Full Sail University

Blaze graduated in 2012 and is working full time.

 Pheonix graduated in 2013

Megan graduated in 2013