Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Blog, 1st Post

I love blogging! I've had a blog for years and kept up with it daily, well weekly, ok sometimes monthly. I must have missed the e-mail that explained what was happening over at homeschoolblogger and when I went to make my "daily" post everything had changed!! Where had my beautiful blog gone?? All my pictures and cute little blinkies! My buttons and blurbs - all gone! The only thing that remained were my lonely posts. I tried to fix it, make it the way it was, but to no aval, I'm just not that blogy savy! Ok, I couldnt even figure out how to sign in anymore. AND I honestly dont know how I will get this blog up and running without the help of my friend Heidi who set up most of my other blog!!! Do you hear me Heidi? I need you!!!!
So until I have the time (ha,ha) or Heidi flies in to save the day I will try to figure this new blog out as I go, bare with me!


  1. Here I am, Crystal! I'm follower #2. Blogger is pretty easy to work with, so I think you'll enjoy it here. Let me know if you need help with anything. :)