Thursday, October 14, 2010


One of the first questions a person will ask me after they find out I have 9 children at home is "how do you make time for them all???" I have to admit, that has always been a concern. I remember when Rod and I were dating we would talk about making time for each child and wondered if we could do it.
We have family meetings in our house and often during these meetings I will ask my kids if they feel that they are getting enough attention. I'd hate to have an adult child come to me years down the road and say they never felt like they had enough mom and dad time or attention from us due to the busyness that is our house. So I do try everyday to talk to each one of my children and during our meetings I will ask if anyone has anything they need to talk to me about or if they feel as though they've been ignored or need some time with me. This might sound silly to some, a couple of my kids will giggle when I ask, but I think my older kids have come to appreciate my asking.
I try to make the most of any alone time I get with my kids. Driving them to work, music lessons, play practice, sports, ect. Letting one stay up later then the others, picking just one or two to go to the grocery store with me. Going for walks. We also make special dates with our kids. Tonight Avarie who is 5 and Ezra 3 are going to a Veggie Tales concert with me and Rod.
I write this to encourage you and to remind myself of the importance of making your children feel special and make the most of your time with them. I know life can be busy! Look for times you can spend with your kids!!
Gotta run, Jessa and I are going to go fold laundry together! She is excited to tell me how her first piano lesson went.


  1. What an encouraging post, Crystal. I know I only have 3 kids and it shouldn't be an issue with me, but with working, etc. I sometimes feel like there's not enough of me to go around.

  2. It was an issue with me when I had 3 too!! :)
    Raising your kids, homeschooling, working, your house, errands, we ALL feel like there isnt enough of us to go around!!
    You're not alone sister!!
    Luv ya Heidi!!