Friday, February 18, 2011


I hate to admit this, I'm sitting here even debating if I want to write it out. I dont like to admit I cant do it all, but these past few weeks I'm drowning in laundry, schoolwork, dishes - housework! I just cant keep up with it all!
Excuse time - Rods been working 12 hour days so I'm like a single parent, we're in basketball season and I have to load up kids and attend games, co-op is all day Monday, Ezra has speech therapy, three of my girls take music lessons Tuesday night, I babysit two other children, I'm still nursing Marlee, I dont get enough sleep, we only have one bathroom, I have to run two kids to work and babysitting.
That was totally for me (to make me feel a little better) and I'm not sure what the one bathroom has to do with anything but I'll keep it in there anyway cause you've gotta feel bad for me with that one. :)
Heres what I've read on another blog and what I'm praying about -
I think if we are all honest with ourselves we know that the real “secret” to any schedule or plan is to be disciplined to do it. Its the hardest part of maintenance. There are days I wake up and think, I can’t do it again! Unload the dishwasher, sweep/mop the floor, vacuum, put another load of laundry in, cook another meal, but without the discipline to do it all over the next day the schedule and plan is meaningless.

One thing I've read from being disciplined is that it gets easier the longer you stick with it. Pretty soon it is a habit and this can really help make it not such a huge effort each day.

In addition to better eating habits, I'm also working on being more disciplined with my home.


  1. This sounds like me too!!!! I am sooo with you on this one!!! We CAN do this!!!! :)

  2. Oh.....but.....I HAVE 3 BATHROOMS!!!! oops!!! Did I just say that?! LOL

  3. I totally agree. I can not tell you how many times I have did those homemaker binders and school planners but in two days was CRYING!

    You have to be disciplined to do it.

  4. I feel you, we have 1 bathroom right now too :)