Saturday, February 26, 2011

I am currently reading Seven Life Principles For Every Woman By Sharon Jaynes & Lysa Terkeurst. I wanted to share a paragraph written by Sharon.
In my workroom, I have two identical jars. One is three-fourths full of sand. The other contains fist-sized rocks. The jar of sand represents my activities on any given day: to-do lists, shopping, community projects, cleaning. The list is as … endless as well … grains of sand. The other jar containing the rocks represents what God wants me to do on any given day: spend time with Him, study His word, and pray.
If I fill the jar with large rocks first, then, amazingly, I can pour all the sand into the same jar and it fits in nicely around the spaces and crevices. However, if I begin by filling the jar with sand and then try to squeeze the rocks into the same jar, they wont fit.
Likewise, if I start my day spending time with God (the rocks), everything else (the sand) seems to fall into place. If I spring out of bed and hit the floor running to tackle all the tasks that I feel are so necessary for the day, somehow my time with the Lord just never seems to fit in.

Last summer I brought home some beautiful rocks and sand from the beach. I have them in two jars on my window sill and am reminded of what Sharon wrote above.

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