Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Feb. 1st. In a few days we'll be celebrating Ezra's 4th birthday. I love celebrating each of my children, I'm so thankful for them and love each of them very, very much. However, I have to admit I get especially sentimental when Ezra's birthday rolls around. He had such a rough start being born so early and he has come so far. Its hard not to reflect back on where Rod and I were four years ago and that long, long eternity feeling NICU stay. Bringing Ezra home, those horrible nervous nights worrying if he was breathing, his heart monitor going off. Rod and I still to this day react when we hear a high pitch beeping noise!
In exactly three months from today we will be participating in the March of Dimes walk in honor of Ezra. We love doing this! It feels good to give back after all the help we were given and I love to honor and celebrate Ezra and his precious life this way.
Please visit our link, feel free to share it with your friends and family and help us reach our goal!
Thank You!

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