Thursday, March 24, 2011


In My Life This Week - Trying to create a balance getting everything done. Will I ever be on top of things?

Drama practice started up again for Pheonix three times a week until play time in June. He is really good!

March of Dimes is taking over my life right now, love the cause, love giving back, love honoring Ezra this way, but I think I'll need to make some cuts next year which wont be easy. We were asked to be the Lancaster county ambassador family this year, I had to turn it down. I know they're going to ask again next year. What to do???

Evaluation time is upon us so that means getting portfolios in order, for 5 children, which is less then in the past! I hold evaluations in my home so I've been working on contacts and scheduling. Interested?

Training for my 5k has started this week, hoping the rain clears up so I can get out more and actually run!

Weaning Marlee, yes, I still nurse my 22 month old. (mama milk <3)

My house is torn up a bit due to renovations - new trim, painting, ect.

On the hunt for a math tutor for Megan. Would like a girl, in my home and under $25 an hour, I might be dreaming.

Still babysitting two little boys, which both stayed home today, thankful for the break.

Did really good on my diet yesterday, until I ate a piece of banana bread at 11 pm. I took really big steps up my stairs, went back down and did it again to work it off! :)


  1. Your life sounds so much like mine right now!!!! There are just not enough hours in a day to accomplish all I want to accomplish!!And I have got to find the time to take care of me also or losing this weight and being ready for the 5K won't happen!!Too many times I push "me" aside to get everything else done!!! You need to take care of you too!!! :) <3 know that I am there for your to help out with your busy life also!! Just pick up that cell phone of yours and let me know!!! I told you I would come and help you around your house with some of your organizing that you have been doing!!! It'd be fun!! At least at your house it would be fun, just not at mine, unless, of course, you were here helping me...then it'd be more fun!!! Love you!!!!

  2. I am right there with you minus a few kids. Smiles. But I have a whole lot of ministry work going on, trying to do the trainig and losing weight, schooling, cleaning, trying to still grow in the Lord. I am tired! that is all I can say.

    I am sure you understand.

  3. Sharon you're so sweet, how blessed am I to have a friend like you!!!!! I know you would help me if I asked, I have this small pride problem where I NEED to do it all myself!! But if I really am falling behind I will call you!!

    And YES, I understand!!! :)