Sunday, March 6, 2011

Night Owl

I love staying up late at night. The sound of my children sleeping, the quiet, alone time. I force myself to get to bed around midnight most nights, but even then I really force myself. I do feel tired when the kids are going to bed around 9 and often think I'll go to bed too, but once the house is quiet I get my second wind! I like to clean and then be able to admire my work! I can sweep the floor and then see it stay clean for longer then two minutes! The sink gets dish free and stays that way for hours!! I can blog, read, soak in the tub without twenty knocks at the door (have I complained before about only one bathroom). :)
I pray or journal my prayers. Check in on friends on fb and blogs. Its MY time and I enjoy it!
We've had a good weekend, not doing much but Spring Cleaning my house. I feel a cold coming on and I'm trying to "will" it away. Tomorrow the girls and I have a baby shower to go to.
Its after 1:30 am. I have a bed full of little ones tonight, Rods on third shift so they like to curl up and sleep with mommy. Arent sleeping children the most beautiful sight? So sweet... Night!

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