Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I'm going to be participating in a race this weekend.
I really want to do this.
I invited two great friends to join me. (Thank You Sharon & Tanya)
This goal was to help get me in shape by summer.
I havent lost any real weight. (7 lbs, need to loose 50)
But I do feel good at least for trying.
I'll be walking/jogging the race. I am not happy about it, I wanted to run the entire race.
I didnt work as hard as I could have, time is always an issue when you have several little children. And probably should have decided to start running longer then 6 weeks ago.
I'm just a little fustrated. I wish I could run the whole thing, but I've come to terms about walking it when I have to.
Either way - run, walk, jog, skip, hop - I never thought I'd get back into running again.
Best part, getting to spend the morning with two of my favorite people!

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  1. Love you!!! <3 And thank you for getting me to do this!!!!!