Monday, April 4, 2011

Running Funk

Is it horrible I feel that I'm in a running funk already? Its only been a few weeks. My problem is I cant get past the first mile! How in the world am I going to run a 5K the end of THIS month?!?!? I'm beginning to wonder what I got myself and my friends into!
I thought this would be a good goal and help me jump into a healthier lifestyle. I want to loose some much needed weight by summer. In the past I've had the attitude - I just had a baby, I'm nursing, my husband loves me just the way I am.
The closer I get to 40 (which is still a couple yrs away) the more my weight is really starting to bother me. And my baby I just had will be two in May.
I still feel so winded when I run - correction, when I run/walk. I'm not giving up, just frustrated today with my progress.
Searching for some running motivation heres what I found -
- Keeping a training log is an excellent way to track your progress and stay motivated. I actually just started this today!
- Find a Mantra - Picking a short phase that you play over and over in your head while running can help you stay focused and centered. It can be your inner motivation when you need it most. This is a good idea, but I like praying better and not prayers that I dont pass out, prayers for my children, my husband, my family.
- Talk to friends who run and exchange ideas and support for staying motivated. Tanya, Sharon and I have been cking in on each other almost daily and this has been a great support system!
- Don't Think "All or Nothing". If you don't have time to do an entire workout, don't take the "all or nothing" approach.
- Remember the Health Benefits.
- Run with Buddies. The social aspect of running is one of the key reasons people start, and stick, with it. (Sharon, Tanya, Rachel)
- Cut Yourself Some Slack. Sometimes you get stuck with work, or you're really tired, or you need to deal with another life issue and you just don't have time to run. It's OK. Don't beat yourself up just because you don't stick to the exact schedule. Your body won't lose its muscle tone or fitness because you wait an extra 24 hours to run again. Accept that you will have bad days or missed days, and then get back on track.
- Have Fun! That's really what it's all about. Don't make running another stress in your life. Instead of "no pain, no gain" think "no fun, no run."


  1. I am so with you, Crystal!!!! But we CAN and WILL do this!!! :) Love You!!!

  2. Remember what I told you earlier!! ;) ♥

  3. Yeah. . . what Sharon said! :)