Sunday, July 10, 2011

Prayer for our kids

Deep, meaningful, passionate prayer for my children is something I desperately want.

I WANT to pray more often and more intentionally for my kids, but I usually do one of two things:
1. I get side tracked and throw out a couple random prayers.
2. I get in a rut and pray the same things over and over every day, without getting specific.

Sometimes we just need a little direction. I found a great starting point as I develop a daily habit of praying for my children. Each day has a prayer topic and verse. It’s just the inspiration I need.

Check it out!

We had a great family vacation. Its always amazing how fast a week at the beach can go! I'll have details and pictures up soon!


  1. Thanks for sharing that great resource, I printed it out. It reminds me of the chart that the Duggars use for character training.


  2. Thanks for the great tips! Following from Molding Minds!