Friday, August 19, 2011

Just For Fun Friday

Large Family Come-Backs!

My husband and I have decided that, due to our superior genetic make-up, it is our duty to have a large family. How many children do YOU have?

Don't you know what causes that? OH YAY!!... and it's REALLY FUN!

My hands are full but my wallet is empty! Can you spare a five?

Is this your last one? Nope we hope he's/she's the middle child.

Our research clearly indicated that the world needed more us.

I do have a hobby. I collect children with my husband.


  1. Love it! With our 6 - we have said...or heard most of those too!!! I might try the one about hoping she is our middle child....that one cracked me up!!!

  2. I only have 4 and I've heard all those, too. We are also military, so I have also gotten, "You know you don't have to jump on him every time he gets off a ship!" That one was from my grandmother. :)

  3. LOL - these had me laughing! I love the one about the middle child!
    We only have 4 so far, but we still get the questions at times.
    Thanks for the laugh