Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Nursing Toddler

Marlee is 2 years old, 26 months to be exact and I still nurse. I've gotta be honest and say I didnt plan on nursing this long, infact I'm kinda ready to be done, at least in the middle of the night I am - me done, not Marlee - shes pretty happy with our current arrangement and gets upset when I tell her "no baba".

I get the looks, comments and jokes about nursing a toddler. Even my dentist told me to stop due to tooth decay? I disagree and so does my good friend KELLYMOM.
I dont nurse in public, Marlee is old enough to wait until we get home or some place private. She does drink from a cup and eats a healthy diet.
She just loves her nursing time with mommy.

I've tried to wean several times - using lemon juice, band aids, saying no, finding another activity, and so on. My baby girl just isnt ready! So do I force her because society says so? Or do I wait until MY child is ready to wean? It breaks my heart when she is crying for me to comfort her that way.
Maybe she is holding on to our little alone time in this big, busy family.
Marlee, what do you think about weaning????

Nursing toddlers benefit NUTRITIONALLY
Nursing toddlers are SICK LESS OFTEN
Nursing toddlers have FEWER ALLERGIES
Nursing toddlers are SMART
Nursing toddlers are WELL ADJUSTED SOCIALLY
Nursing a toddler is NORMAL
MOTHERS also benefit from nursing past infancy

So how long do I plan on nursing? Marlee and I will let you know!


  1. I nursed Jamie until Thanksgiving last year... 4 months before he turned 3 years old. The only reason I weaned him was to go back to fertility treatments (which didnt work anyway.) If we are ever blessed with another baby I will NEVER wean again! My cousin is nursing her 3 and1/2 year old along with her 18 month old. You are doing the right thing... its everyone else that is wrong ;) Good for you Mama! And what blessed babies you have! Keep up the good work!

  2. <3 Marlee!!!! Hey Crystal, This is Sharon...for some reason my google acct. is not letting me comment!! Grrrr!

  3. Good for you! My aunt nursed her 5 year old. Olivia sucked her thumb until 8 or 9 and I never tried to stop her-- society managed that eventually, but I knew she would when she was ready. <3

  4. I nursed my son until he was 26 months old. I got a lot of the rude comments too, from family. One day my mom was with me when I took my on to the doctor for a check up and I mentioned the fact that I still nursed him. The doctor (his peditrician) gave me a 'high-five' and said WAY TO GO MOM! That is the best thing you can do for your child. My mom just about fainted :) but.....she never bothered me again after that. We tried the lemon juice, band-aids, saying 'no' but it is heart breaking to see them cry when they are being comforted this way. My son finally outgrew his need for nursing, but we still snuggle and lay together, the bond we have hasn't been broken. You're doing fine, when she is ready, she'll let you know.

  5. Thanks Jamie, Tanya, Sharon and Erin!!!

  6. All of my babies self weaned around 14-15 months. I still had comments when they were that little. I wish my youngest--19 months still wanted to nurse--sometimes. ;) I have finally started sleeping through the night.

    Keep it up--you are doing an awesome job!

  7. I am having this same exact issue with my youngest. ALl of my other 5 kids just gradually weened themselves around 12-16 months or so....so having a 24 month old who wants nothing to do with stopping nursing. I am torn too. She drinks from a sippy - eats healthy, etc., we too do not nurse in public - only at home....but I sort of want to be done....until she cries for me and uses her manners asking for momma's milk! I have felt so torn! It is really nice to know I am not the only one. I have just wondered if I should worry that she doesn't want to be done!!!!

  8. I nursed my son until he was 3 months shy of being 4, and that's because I had a bad breast infection, and it hurt. And he was old enough. He wasn't totally ready, but understood. He owuld still nurse if I let him. It does make me sad sometimes, that I had to wean him because of that, but it was probably time anyways.

    Don't worry about what society says.We probably don't need to be doing what society says anyways. lol

    We don't send our kids to public school, but society says we should. we don't dress immodestly, but society says we should. There are many things society says we should do, that we don't. This is just one more.

    You guys just do it until you are ready, and don't think another thing about it! HA

  9. I just recently weaned my seventh child who will be 3 in Oct. I've nursed five of my children and it gets to be a longer period each time....11 months, 15 months, 20 months, 28 months and 32 months. I am 47 now....don't think there will be any more to nurse!

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad to be on the TOS Crew with you this year. ;0) I'm your newest follower.

    I liked your thoughts on this and totally agree! I'm also still nursing my youngest daughter who will be 2 tomorrow. My oldest daughter nursed till age 3 and my middle daughter self-weaned at 22 months when I was pregnant with my third. In other words, I understand extended nursing! LOL There are times when I feel that I'm done, but then I just focus on enjoying this time as it goes very, very quickly.

  11. Tash from AustraliaAugust 28, 2011 at 6:54 PM

    Just Beautiful,I breastfed my 5th child until he was 4,right up until the day I gave birth to his brother who the in turn fed for 2 years until
    I gave birth to 7th little man who is loving breastfeeding still.It is a great bonding experience and all my boys are so well adjusted,loving little men.