Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Before Five in a Row - My Review

I have been homeschooling for 10 years and never used any of the FIAR products. I've heard of them though, and was really excited that I was going to be reviewing one of their products!
Before Five In A Row (BFIAR) fit nicely into our school routine for my 2, 4 and 6 year old. We used it during our reading time, but also loved the project ideas!

BFIAR has two parts. The first part contains hundreds of ideas and activities based around 24 classic children's books. You read the story and then can pick between several (or do them all) different activities based on the story you just read.
The first story we read was The Runaway Bunny. After our story we read Psalm 139 where God assures us no matter where we go He will follow us, just like the mother bunny in the story.
Then we played a memory game where I asked my children how many different things the bunny imagines he could be?
My kids love art! So we used the art idea of finding many different shades of green when we went for a walk.
There are many ways to tie the story together using the Bible, Language, Art, Science, Math, Vocab and more!
AND that's just part one of the book!

Part two is Parent's Treasury of Creative Ideas for Learning Readiness. This section of the book is wonderful and we had so much fun with it!
One of my favorite ideas talks about your child's favorite voice - YOURS! There are times when we cant fulfill our child's request to read. For these times, there are good stories on tape. But, an even more special solution is to make your own tape of your child's favorite stories using YOUR voice and all your child's favorite sound effects!
When Ezra was in the NICU for three months we made a tape of our voices singing and reading stories. I can tell you this IS something your child will love.

Some of the projects we did was threading and lacing with noodles that we colored!! Shopping list bingo! And blocks! Simple and fun, but sometimes I need these reminders of simple, fun things to do with my kids.

Here is an insert from the book that really caught my attention - "Above all, the time between ages two and four should be a time of sharing, hugging, reading, singing, dancing, puzzles, blocks, outdoor excursions, swinging high, playing in the sand box and enjoying fascinating introductions to the wonderful world of life."
"In the end, being together and having fun is what is really important."

Before Five In A Row is geared for ages 2-4, but I found that even my 6 year old really enjoyed the stories and projects we did. We loved this would highly recommend this product.

You can purchase BFIAR HERE! For $35
You can also find Five In A Row for ages 4-8, Beyond Five In A Row for ages 8-12, and Above and Beyond Five In A Row for ages 12 and up. To learn more about these books click HERE.

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I received a free copy of BFIAR in exchange for my thoughts and honest review.


  1. Great review. BFIAR really sounds fun.

    I looked into the FIAR for my 6 year old, and really liked it.

  2. Good job on your review. We are also enjoying this product.

  3. Mom of 10 visiting from the crew. I'm following you now. We love Before Five in a Row. Thanks for the review.

    Karen @