Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekly Menu

Just got back from the grocery store, not my usual shopping day, but those of you with toddlers and busy households understand that you shop when you can!
I'm having surgery this week so I really needed to plan ahead and be organized. Since my husband will be doing most of the cooking with help from my older kids I tried to plan easy meals. I also had my oldest daughter put all the ingredients in bags so there is no searching in the kitchen for everything needed for the meal. Rod can just grab the bag I have labeled for that day - cold things are noted and put in the frig.

Monday - Chicken & Broccoli Braid
&Molten Chocolate Lava Cake for dessert
Tuesday - Spaghetti w/salad (surgery day)
Wednesday - Enchiladas & fried ice cream for dessert
Thursday - Take out night (Rod goes back to work)
Friday - Homemade subs w/chips

And a very big Thank You to HEIDI for making my blog more me and so beautiful!!


  1. Mmm...that molten chocolate lava cake sure does sound wonderful!

    Enjoy your dinners~they sound great!

  2. What a good momma you are! Don't forget to call me if you would like some help or even if you would like me to run some errands for you! I mean it! I will be praying for you!

  3. Love you!!!!!I wish I could be helping you more than I can!! I am just ready to be done with all the cleaning up from the flood...tired of dirt and clutter(especially the dry wall dust..grrr). I would much rather be helping you out this week!!!! :(

  4. I love the look of the blog and that you now have a button!
    I will place it on my blog.

  5. Good Luck Crystal...will be praying for a speedy recovery!! Blessings to you all

  6. so I am so sorry I missed this- been so super busy. I hope surgery went well and your family is moving along smoothly as I'm sure they are. You have and do put so much time and love into your house and family Crystal- you are an incredible woman and a fantastic mom! I am so inspired by you! I hope to see how your doing later today but I wanted to just write you a comment that states- I love you! and pray a swift smooth recovery!
    take care
    with Grace,