Tuesday, December 27, 2011

And POOF it's over...

I just put a long, detailed note in my Christmas Binder for next year, with writing on the front that says - Read Me In September! Reminding myself to buy all of the little things I always leave until the last minute, ahead of time. Things like stocking stuffers, gift cards, extra wrapping supplies, stuff to package Christmas cookies, tape, name tags, and baking supplies. Having those things on hand come December, without adding them to our December budget, makes me giddy and feel organized for next Christmas.

Still, I’ll probably be scrambling around the week before Christmas, telling myself that I have plenty of time. It will all get done.
The amount of wrapping seems insurmountable. I really enjoy shopping and giving, and I really loathe wrapping.

This is right about the time that I start to feel a little blue because it’s all coming to an end. We spend Christmas Eve with our families and I love that most of all, because it’s still the eve of Christmas, there’s still more to come.
I love the anticipation, and the planning (really love the planning), and the shopping (not the wrapping of course), but when it all comes together I’m just so sad that it’s over, and we have to wait another eleven months to begin again.

Ezra, who is 4, keeps asking - "Is it over, Christmas is over? Now what?" I try to sound excited as I tell him snow and sledding, and Valentines Day. But lets face it, it's not the same, especially the snow, ick.

As I tossed our Christmas countdown calendar today I thought about making up another countdown to get us through these winter months. Counting the days until our beach vacation or my 40th birthday (wait, I'm not really looking forward to that) or maybe a fun field trip? Maybe we'll just make a bigger Christmas countdown and start now! ;)

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