Monday, April 16, 2012

AIMS It's About Time - TOS Review

I Hear and I Forget.
I See and I Remember.
I Do and I Understand.

I have this hanging up in my home and thought it was neat to see in the first pages of my Aims It's About Time activities book.

This is a fun, hands-on, 176 page book designed for children in grades K-2.

It’s About Time uses a series of investigations not only to build an understanding of how to read a clock, but also to provide a solid, conceptual understanding of time and its measurement - AIMS Education Foundation

It’s About Time covers topics such as -
Developing an awarness of the clock as a number line.
Identifying long time and short time.
Before and After.
Timing by counting swings of a pendulum.
Comparing a variety of clocks and watches.
Exploring the concept of time.
Reading a digital clock.
Applying time to everyday events.
And much* more!

We really liked this book and how it was laid out. It covered some topics my little ones aren't ready for, so we'll be able to use this over the years to teach and then for review. You can easily jump around the book and write your own lesson plans for the pages you'd like to use.

My kids and I love to play learning games as they seem to grasp a concept quicker by doing so. It's About Time has learing games like - Time Out and Triple Time. My kids were actually using some of the other lessons as games as well.

Each lesson has step by step directions to teach your student by - listing the topic, having a key question, learning goals, materials needed, procedure, a discussion and evidence of learning.

My kids loved the big pictures throughout this book! It made this even more fun! We are very visual learners in the house, so using a book like It's About Time is always a plus!

It's About Time sells for $21.95 and comes with a CD to print out worksheets. It is also available as a downloadable E-Book for $21.95.

AIMS Education Foundation has a great selection of Math and Science books like - Earth Explorations, Earth Rocks!, Actions with Fractions, and Awesome Addition and Super Subtraction.
Check out the AIMS site to see everything they have to offer!

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Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received AIMS It's About Time book, at no cost to me, in exchange for my thoughts and honest review. All opinions are my own.

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