Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Apologia: Who is My Neighbor? TOS Review

I love Apologia, seriously a huge fan! It seems every time I find product that I LOVE, it's from Apologia! My favorite Science curriculum? From Apologia! Bible curriculum? Apologia! Yup, I'm a pretty big fan and their resources have impacted my homeschooling in many ways that have benefited both my teaching and my children's learning. 

From the Apologia web site -

The "What We Believe" Series is an outstanding way to teach your child the essential beliefs of the Christian faith, but it’s so much more! With this student-directed, Bible-based curriculum, your children will learn how to use Scripture as a lens through which to view the world around them—to see everything the way God sees it—and know the truth.

I first heard of the "What We Believe" Series when I was shopping for curriculum at my state convention in Harrisburg. Finding a Bible curriculum was first on my list and my main priority of the day. I searched and read several great books, but at the end of the day my husband and I decided on volume 1 from What We Believe Series called Who Is God? A biblical worldview of God and truth.

A few months later I was thrilled to be given the chance to review volume 2 called Who Am I? A biblical worldview of self-image. And we loved this book as much as the first book in this series.

Who Is My Neighbor? (And Why Does He Need Me?) Is volume 3 in the "What We Believe" Series. This is a biblical worldview of servanthood.

The "What We Believe" Series is a biblical worldview course. Which means the studies help your children undertand how they see the world around them. It's important to understand what we believe as Christians and why we believe it.

You'll want to start out in the Introduction section of the book where it suggests how to use this book. It goes over Notebooking, Lesson Structure, Lesson Plans, Additional Teaching Materials, Website information and Help.

What we LOVE -

This textbook is easy to use for your whole family.
Your children can work at their own pace.
Each lesson is loaded with information.
The book is beautifully illustrated.

Designed for ages 6 to 14, I found that both my younger children and older got lots out of this curriculum as well.

Who is My Neighbor sells for $39, the Notebooking Journal is $24 and you can purchase the coloring book for $8 from Apologia.

You can check out what my CrewMates are saying about Apologia's Who Is My Neighbor? HERE

Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Schoolhouse Review Crew, I received this product at no cost to me, in exchange for my thoughts and honest review. All opinions are my own.

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