Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Write A Letter To A Lonely Child

I wanted to share this with the hopes that you will read and feel lead to participate.

The Global Aid Network® (GAiN®) Distribution Center operates year-round in receiving, processing, packing and shipping aid to places around the globe. Each year, the distribution center also conducts volunteer work projects where aid is packed prior to shipment overseas.
Each year families are asked to donate care packages to give to orphans and other needy children all around the world. A big part of that gift is a letter and photo from the donor.
That letter is so important because it communitcates "You are loved by real person!"
But each year Gain gets thousands of care packages without letters. How sad is it for some children to get letters that say I love you and others not get a letter at all.
Here is what you need to do -
* Address the letter to "Dear Friend" only.
* Put your address on the letter, some children like to write back!
* Add a photo - This makes YOU REAL!
* Talk about your family, hobbies, pets, school, ect.
* Talk about your faith in Jesus Christ.
* Talk about a goal you had and how you achieved it.
* Talk about God's provision for the future and use scripture verses.
* Staple or tape your photo to your letter.
Some Don'ts -
* Don't add extras to the letter. All letters need to be the same.
* Don't talk about material things like your car, home, or money.
* Don't promise you will do anything for them.
This letter from you is often the FIRST thing they open because they are so excited to hear from YOU! They will cherish this letter and read it over and over again.
You can be a missionary from home with a simple letter!
These letters will be going to Russia.
For more information or a sample letter please contact me at -
Gain at 717-285-4220


  1. Crystal,

    Can you send a letter and care package to the same child regularly?

    Thanks! Tanya

  2. Tanya, I messages you! Thanks!!!