Friday, December 28, 2012

The... LIST

Have you started your list?
Come on...YOU know the list I'm talking about!
Your 2013 list of things you WILL do!
Ok, I haven't written anything down YET, but I have a big old mental list of resolutions going crazy in my head AND the list is getting L O N G E R!
Diet - yes, duh.
More creative and fun homeschool ideas - you bet!
Summer vacation plans - a definite!
Organize and clean my house - a must!
Freezer meals - oh yeah baby!!!!
Lets stop right there - freezer meals. This is one I try and fail at every year. Dinner time is, well lets say a chore in my house. Cooking for a large family is work! Meal planning, grocery shopping, preparing, serving, cleaning up - makes me tired just thinking about it.
How can I make this easier????
Freezing meals!
I'm gonna do it this year, really!! I am!!
I even got a notebook! See how serious I am?
I'm a girl WITH a plan!
I've started my research and where would one start this big task you may ask?????
I found some really great sites that are going to help me AND they can help you too!
 NOT only do they share some good recipes, but directions for freezing for people like ME who only ever talk about freezing meals and really have no clue what to do!
The first site I'm checking out is Freezer Friendz (cute name).
A group of moms who get together and cook AND freeze! Great site, check it out!
They even have a freezer cooking quick tips section!
Did you know using one layer of plastic wrap and a top layer of foil is best to prevent freezer burn.
 If your freezer isn't full, fill empty milk jugs 3/4 full with water and place in freezer. This helps your freezer not have to work so hard to stay cold, saving you money.
Love tips like this! Love this site!
Do you have or know of another great site? Please share, I'll be sharing more SOON!

Good luck with your LIST! ;)


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  1. I came by to say Aloha and Happy New Year! I am intrigued by freezer meals but also intimated. Esther Norine Designs

  2. Freezing your meals will save you SO MUCH TIME!! I've been doing it that way for years--especially with things like chili, stews and spaghetti sauces--they freeze really well! Following you back via GFC!

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  10. I haven't started my list really. I have a bit of a list in my head but more to overall improve my health :)

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