Thursday, April 11, 2013

Apologia Planner Review

Planners are my favorite! Seriously, even long before my homeschooling days I had planners.
I. Love. To. Plan.
I have planning notebooks for vacations, Christmas - you get the idea.
When I began homeschooling my love for planners only magnified! My first few years I had a planner for each child - and if you know how many children I have then you understand how many planners that is!
I've cut back on my planners over the years, meaning, I no longer have one for each child. I still have a love for them and still very much use them, I've just learned to combine them into one - ok, maybe two. ;)

I'm now using a planning system designed by Debra Bell (think Ultimate Guide To Homeschooling). Debra is awesome! Her book was one of the first I read when my husband and I decided to school our children at home. Reading her book answered many questions we had about homeschooling. It really was an amazing guide for us to use during our first years. I have since told anyone and everyone to read THAT BOOK when they first start out homeschooling. So you know not to expect anything less in a planner from Debra.

Can you imagine my excitement when I found out I was going to be able to review not only one planner from Debra and Apologia, but THREE! It was like Christmas.

The Ultimate Homeschooler Planner
My favorite of the three, this $28 planner is jammed packed with excellence. A great size at 263 pages and 8 1/2 x 11. I love the design and I love Apologia's mission for this planner - Help stay the course - Lighten your workload - Easy to use - Flexible, adaptable. The main goal for this planning system is to make you more aware of God's faithfulness in your homeschooling journey. I personally love that last statement. How many of us get so caught up with the busy, crazy filled days and forget why we started schooling at home in the first place. Do you ever loose sight of how faithful God is to you, your children, your family, your schooling?

This system is to help bring order (and order brings peace). The front, sturdy cover has an inside pocket (there is one in the back too) which is a nice touch and then goes right into a year at a glance calendar all the way up to 2016. The Table of Contents shows you how much is in this planner. A great how to use guide, yearly, monthly, weekly planning WITH Monday tutorials and Friday reviews with your students.

A place for grades, notes, records, reading lists, activities, goal setters, family priorities page, resource list, memorable memories, progress, and so much more!

On most every page you have an inspirational quote. What a great way to help stay motivated!

The Ultimate Daily Planner for Students

The colors are bright and fun in this $19 ultimate planner for students. It's a great size for your younger student just getting started with a planner. The first few pages have an All About Me and a Future Me section with questions to answer like - favorite colors, favorite animals, favorite sayings, favorite days, talents you want to develop, places you want to go. Lots of helpful tips, study aids, guides, useful stickers for special dates, and fun trivia your student will love!

The Ultimate Weekly Planner for Teens

This $19 student planner has an awesome cover! Besides the creative artwork, the student planner allows your teen student to keep track of their progress This is much like the student planner, but for your more mature student.

Has a great All About Me section that asks about favorite bands, best friends, movies, verses, teams, places, people you'd like to meet, things you want to learn, and random acts of kindness you want to bestow. Great ideas to get your teen thinking! This planner not only keeps track of days, months and your schedule - it also helps if you are tracking hours.

The back of the planner has a place for grades, notes, timelines, US map with state capitals, world map, active lifestyle and activity log, reading list, charts, and so much more!
I love these planners and am really excited to share them with you! You can get your own copy by visiting the Apologia web site or clicking HERE!

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