Monday, June 10, 2013


I recently wrote a column for Homeschool Mosaics about summer plans and thought I'd share a few of my ideas here.
I love planning, especially for summer! I am a summer girl, love the hot, long days - swimming, the beach, boating - ohhhh the list goes on!
With a large family even some of the simplest things to do can become costly. So I like to try to keep our summer fun, without breaking the bank.
We are blessed to have family live at the beach AND have a boat, so that saves us a ton on our beach vacations and the added bonus of being with loved ones.
We love fishing and docking on little islands exploring.

Gardening is fun for both mom and kids! Even my youngest love to help plant and watch our veggies grow. We also like to pick strawberries and make jam.
Swimming! Pools are lots of fun, but we also like splashing around in a creek or ocean.
Movie night - OUTSIDE! We bought a projector player at a yard sale, hang up a white sheet, make lots of popcorn and it's outside movie night!
 Most libraries offer summer reading programs with great prizes! Many of our local libraries also have many free events for children of all ages. I have my kids signed up for art classes, cooking classes, story time, Science mini class, and more! It's also nice just to get out of the heat during a hot summer day and read or play a game.

We have fun making up scavenger hunts. You can make them up for nature walks, to keep kids entertained at the grocery store, car rides, or just out back in your yard!
Camping is fun - for some. We are NOT campers and YES we have tried several times. It's just not for us. We do however have a tent and the kids like to camp in our own backyard (so they can come in if they need to) and have the luxury of a bathroom. We also really enjoy going to our friend's cabin, which really isn't like camping at all, it's a beautiful house in the woods - MY kind of camping. We do really like to hike and enjoy finding trails.

Camp fires are a nice way to end a beautiful summer day. Mountain pies, smores, and marshmallows.

What are some fun things you have planned for this summer?

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  1. Love your movie night,and what a blessing to have family to visit at the beach!!