Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cooking, Baking, Freezing Meals

With cooler days already starting, it's put me back in the mood to work in my kitchen. During the hot summer months who really wants to be leaning over a hot stove??
So with my AC turned off, the windows open, and the smell of fall in the air I've started planning some meals.
I like to cook pasta. It's cheap when feeding a large group - which I do most days - and there are so many great recipes!

Quick tip!
Do you salt your water before adding pasta?
I always have put never really knew how much to add.
I've recently learned you want it as salty as the ocean!
Think back to a time when playing and splashing in the waves and you accidently caught one in your mouth! Yea, that salty.

One of our family favs and one of the first recipes I was taught to make by my mom was Poppy Seed Chicken. Love, love that casserole.

Baked ziti is another family favorite and an easy pasta dish.

A new one I recently tried and loved is Chicken Tetrazzini. My very good friend Sharon gave this to me and I think I know why we all loved it so much. It's similar to Poppy Seed Chicken, but with pasta!

Stuffed shells is easy, especially when I have my older girls help stuff the shells. I made up my own recipe for this, but there are tons on the internet if you google them.

All of these meals can be frozen and prepared ahead of time. They all make great meals to take to a new mom, a new neighbor, or help out someone how could use a cooked meal.

I like to plan cooking days or quadruple my recipes when cooking so I can have enough to freeze a meal for another time.
My goal is to have at least three frozen meals at any given time. One to share if needed and two on hand for busy days.

Do you have some favorite recipes to freeze? I'd love to hear them!



  1. We love baked ziti here, and Poppyseed Chicken is one of the few dishes my picky eater asks for a second helping.

    1. Same here with the picky eaters Tara!

  2. yummy, I am going to make some freezer recipes too....have not done this in a couple of years...thanks for sharing!

    enjoy *~*

  3. Thanks for stopping by Teresa!!!