Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Light For My Path - Review

We are big Apologia fans in this homeschooling house! Time and time again I've been impressed and love the products put out by them. We are very eclectic with our curriculum, but this is one name - Apologia - that has been with our entire homeschooling journey for thirteen years.

With my three youngest children still just at the beginning of our schooling, I've fallen in love with reading all over again. We start our day with story time and love to snuggle up and end our days with stories before bed. Reading together is a great way to bond with your children.
A Light For My Path is a children's ABC book based on Psalm 119. Written by Davis Carman and beautifully illustrated by Alice Ratterree.

In the first few pages of this book you'll find lots of information and ideas on how to use this book with your child. Davis Carman points out his purpose for this book, which is for you to read to your child - to help teach them learn the alphabet, helping them to understand each letter has a capital and lowercase form.
Davis goes on to say that most importantly, this book is meant to instill a love and deep respect for God's word.

In addition to illustrating the twenty-six letters of the English alphabet, the book also introduces families to the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet using the acrostic Psalm 119.

I also appreciate the list provided in the beginning of the book to help identify the plant or animal used to correspond each letter in the alphabet. This list can act as a quick reference to the words used to describe God's Word, law, statutes, decrees, commands, and precepts.
My children love the pictures on each of the pages. Beautiful colors and drawings.
This is becoming a favorite book in our home. We love the creativity, learning aspects, pictures, and how the pages are worded.
Each page has a picture of a plant or animal that begins with the featured letter for that page. Example, the A page is illustrated with a big, beautiful ant.
Another super creative aspect of this book is that the animal or plant representing the previous letter is also visible on each page. My youngest child actually pointed that out before I even noticed. They each had fun looking the picture trying to be the first to find it.
A Light For My Path sells for $14.00 and can be purchased from the Apologia web site.
While on the site you can check out the many amazing things they have to offer, including a cute book also by Davis Carman and illustrated by Alice Ratterree called Good Morning, God.
This is a book that you will love to read for years and years.

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