Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Low Cal

I've recently started watching what I eat, trying to loose some pounds. Its hard as I'm sure many of you know. I love food! I love to eat! And it shows! The past couple weeks I havent done well at all, but today is a new day and I'm jumping back on the weight wagon. I want to add that I'm not doing this for looks, NOT that its not important to look better, but I want to FEEL better. I've noticed getting up off the floor can be difficult, it shouldnt, I'm still in my 30's. I dont want walking to the mailbox to make me winded. My goal, and goals are important to have in all areas of your life, my goal is 80 lbs. Sounds like a lot doesnt it? Well thats what I've gained since I got married in 2000. I'm happy with my 30 lb weight loss, I'd be even happier with another 20 lbs off that, but thrilled to reach my goal of 80 lbs off! One thing that has helped has been to stop drinking sugary drinks. That was hard at first, but now I cant even drink them, yuck! I think I dropped 10 lbs just from not drinking Turkey Hill teas. I'm pushing the water, especially since I'm still nursing, and Rod has recently started buying Skinny Water and Vitamin Water Zero, both very good!! He brought them home from the gym and they're really yummy! I dont go to the gym, too many little ones still running around at home. So I try to work out every day, its a another goal. :)
Heres something I'm going to try this week, sounds pretty good!
These cupcakes are 80 calories each and simple to make. One box cake mix (yellow, vanilla...whatever) one can of pumpkin. That's it. Put it in cupcake pan and bake as the box dictates.

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