Friday, July 23, 2010


Yes, summer is passing me by WAY tooooo fast!!! When we have HOT days like today I'm in my glory, love it! I spent the day at my parents, in their pool with my kids and two of my girlfriends and their kids. Best place to be on days like today and tomorrow will be much of the same. Heres an e-mail I got from our local news station - heat advisory remains in effect hot temperatures will last into Saturday thanks to high pressure off to the south. Near-record temperatures in the upper 90s to nearly 100 degrees and high humidity will produce a heat index above 105 degrees on saturday afternoon.
I know some think I'm crazy, but I do love even these hot, hot days of summer! Hope you're enjoying yours!

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  1. Enjoy the pool! It's the best place to be in this weather.