Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Beach, Again

I can hardly believe its just about August! My daughter Elle turned 17 last week, I wish they would stop getting so old so fast!!!
During those really hot days I thought just for a second how I'd like it to be fall, but now that has passed and I am really enjoying the sun and long days. We are leaving for the beach again tonight, a short 3 day visit. The kids are excited and are busy all around me getting ready. We'll leave later this evening after daycare kids have gone home and we are done with our daily running of apts and errands. I'll do a quick dinner, put the little ones in their PJ's and we'll hit the road. Rod and I have always liked driving at night, quiet car, less traffic and we get alone time!! Well, as much alone time as we get with sleeping kids in the back.

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