Monday, July 12, 2010

Family Vacation

We left Saturday July 3rd for our family vacation to the beach, one of our favorite places!!! As always the week flew by and as I sit here and type I cant believe I'm back home already! We stay in a large home with my sister and her family, my brother and his family and my parents. Total in all = 23. I look forward to our vacations all year long.

In my daily quest to do better I have a list of our daily rountines and things to do, here is one I'd like to share. This is from LargeFamilyLogistic.
Your children are a blessing not a burden. How's your Mama-love today? Have you tied any heart strings yet? It doesn't take much time. If you haven't done anything yet, try out one of these ideas: An ear that is truly listening. Eye contact. A hug and kiss. A "real" conversation with answers that are more than yes-no. Discuss a book. Take a blanket out under a tree. Play a game. Make someone's favorite food and do it together. Give out some praise. Take a walk with a different child each day.

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  1. Thanks for these reminders, Crystal. Even with a "small" family, I need them. I tend to get caught up in busy-ness too much.