Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Last Year of My 30's

Today is the first day of my last year in my 30's.
Its really late and I had to read that several times and it still doesnt sound quit right, but you catch my drift.
My sweet husband just sent me a birthday text from work, at 12:01, to be the first to wish me Happy Birthday. (Ahhhhh)
It'll be a low key birthday this year.
I did go to Old Navy tonight to take advantage of my 20% off coupon and bought myself a pair of shorts that were already 50% off and a couple of $5 t-shirts. I love Old Navy t-shirts, they are super soft and great for hot summer days WHICH we've finally been having!! Temps have been hitting the 80's and looks like they're here to stay!
And that is birthday present enough for me!


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! Enjoy your special day! :)


  2. Happy Birthday, Crystal!!! Love you!!!!!

  3. I turned 31 this year, so I am now "in" my 30's! AAAHHHHH. lol

    Happy Birthday.