Monday, June 13, 2011


We got back yesterday from our first beach vacation of the summer. We left Thursday afternoon, temps here in PA were mid 90's! We stay with family in Delaware and when we got there they had ordered pizza for everyone, it was nice to sit and eat as soon as we arrived. Temps were in the upper 90's in DE well into the evening. Friday was another HOT day, perfect beach weather! We had a nice breakfast, my father-in-law made a bunch of sandwhiches for everyone and packed them in a cooler.
Alex rode along with his Grandpa in the hot rod.
Parking was super easy and the beach was not crowded at all, I think I love going this time of year! (Ok, I love anytime of year at the beach) The sand was really hot to walk on, the little ones needed to be carried. After we got our area set up the kids hit the waves!
Friday was really close to perfect, the kids played so nice. I commented to Rod how great it was to be able to sit and watch the kids. For years I was nursing on the beach, keeping sandy hands out of babies mouths. It was really nice to not have any little, little ones and really enjoy playing with my kids! Wow, am I actually getting over my baby fever???
Later that evening on the boardwalk and Saturday shopping didnt go as well as I hoped. I felt a little defeated with my three youngest and their behavior. After this many children I should be a pro right? Wrong. I seemed to not have very much control over them and they were running wild! Made things a little tense and we eventually gave up and headed back to the beach house.
I keep reminding myself they are toddlers in training. Toddlers in training, toddlers in training...
Here they are being sweet with Ninny (aka Grandma).
Madi and Jess had birthdays while we were there! They are a day and two years apart. My Madi Lou turned 14 - gasp!!! And sweet Jess turned 12! How cliché is this, but my kids are growing up tooooo fast!
Look how gorgeous my girls are!
And what would a trip to the beach be without going to Grottos for pizza!! One of our family's all time favorite places to go! They have the BEST pizza, I could eat it everyday!!!


  1. What a beautiful family you sounds like you had such a fun family time!

    Deborah xo

  2. Fun, fun!!!! Can't wait till July!!! :) I love the beach too!!!! And.....That heart picture is awsome!!!!! Glad you had fun while I was weeding your garden! ;) Seriously though...I AM glad you had a great time!!!! Love you!!!!

  3. Thank you Deborah!

    And a big thanks to you Sharon for weeding!!! You're the best!!!

  4. Thanks for leaving a comment! And what a gorgeous family! I look forward to perusing and learning more!
    Grace and peace to you,