Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Tomorrow we leave for our next adventure - CAMPING! We've been camping before, but its been a few years. I'm excited to spend time with our friends, I love amusement parks, the kids are excited, but... we havent had a lot of luck in past camping experiences. Its been too cold, its been too hot, we've had some scared little ones, sleeping in a tent, outside, hmmm, yeah, not sure this family is cut out for camping, but we're gonna try it again.
This time the kids are all a little older AND we are camping at Knoebels - an amusement park! I'm hoping for no rain, no major heat and not too cold! Is that asking too much? ;)
I DO know we will have lots of laughs and make great memories!
Hope you're ready for 4 days with all of us Sharon and Kevin!


  1. ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!! <3 <3

  2. My house is buzzing right now Sharon!!!
    BTW, I still cant post on your blog :(

  3. Did you try what I said earlier? Because I had trouble posting the comment above....try unchecking the "stay logged in" box.