Saturday, June 25, 2011

Treasure Hunting

My typical Saturday morning of treasure hunting aka yard sales!
Not much sleep last night, up too late as usual and then had a sick little one, so I wasnt out all morning and didnt go to all I had planned, but found some great deals for the little time I was out.
I love Longaberger and was giddy to find a new Longaberger candle crock with an unused candle in it for 50 cents!!
I love the color of the crock!
With our beach trip in ONE WEEK!!!! I needed some beach chairs, seems we never have enough. So I was thrilled to find, well actually my bff Dorothy spotted them, two really nice beach chairs for $2 - for both!
I also got a cute pair of PJs for Marlee for 25 cents, 3 new coloring books for free, and a few little treats I'm putting back for the ride down to the beach for my littles, all for under $1!
I’m linking up to Garage Sale Treasures. A new crew mate of mine! Have you gotten some great yard sale deals recently?


  1. Hi! I am visiting from the crew and I can't believe how many children you have! Hahaha! We have a blended family with 6 kids, and I have no idea HOW you do it:) Very nice!! Glad you found a bunch of deals~I look forward to reading more of your posts~

  2. Hi Crystal~

    I am so glad you found some great deals~ garage saling is so much fun. :) And the candle crock is so cute!

    I hope you have a blast with your family on your beach trip! The beach is so fun. :) We have stayed at a cabin on the beach every summer for years now, and we all love it! This year we are breaking with tradition, because we're doing Yellowstone instead...but next year, it is back to the beach! ;)

    Have a lovely rest of your weekend, and a safe and fun vacation!


  3. Sounds like you found some great stuff! The crock is very nice! Have fun on your trip!

  4. Thanks so much for linking up! I too LOVE Longaberger! I've found quite a few baskets at garage sales if you can believe it. I am always THRILLED when I find one!

  5. Great finds at a great price. The candle wasn't even used! How fantastic is that?