Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wits & Wagers Family - TOS Review

I've said many times before how we are big board and card game players in our family, so we get super excited when we get the chance to review a new game! And this one has become one of our family favorites!

Wits & Wagers Family by NorthStar Games features 300 new family-friendly questions. The rules are simple - you take turns reading the questions, each player writes a guess to the question, then players score points by choosing which guess is closest to the right answer without going over. All my kids, from my 6 year old to my 16 year old enjoyed this fun game!

All the questions were fun and we were excited to read some Disney questions as well! A few of their favorite questions were -
- In feet, how tall was the tallest recorded sand castle?
- On average, how many glasses of milk does a cow produce in its lifetime?
- In the movie Finding Nemo, how many white strips does Nemo have?

My kids love guessing games, and the "meeples" (fun, cute, human shaped wooden pieces that the players use to select which answers they think are correct), dry-erase cards, markers, and score board make this game a hit with our family!
Wits & Wagers Family is for 3-10 players, ages 8+.

You can find a retailer near you by clicking HERE! The game sells for $19.99, prices may vary.
You can also check out Say Anything , another fun game from North Star!

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I received Wits & Wagers Family Game in exchange for my thoughts and honest review.


  1. My family loves games also :) I need to sit down and have a game night soon! Thanks for the follow, gladly following you back! Have a great day!

  2. Sounds like fun! Following you back, thanks so much for stopping by!


  3. We reviewed this game last year, and it is still one of our favorite games!