Tuesday, November 8, 2011

2011 Gratitude Challenge ~ Day Eight

God made us sisters, hearts made us friends.

When God gives you a sister, He gives you a blessing, but when He gives you a best friend, He gives you an extra special blessing.

When I think about what my life may have been like without my little sister, all that comes to mind is emptiness. She is such an important part of my life.

One of the the best gifts I was ever given was my sister. I'm so glad I have her and that we are still as close as ever. If I ever need her, she is there for me, and I always for her.
We share our secrets, our hopes, our funny stories.
We cry together and laugh together.
We have our own special looks and without saying a word, we understand each other.
To have her in my life and to be so close, makes even a bad day not so bad.
Sisters really are a blessing from the Lord and I’m so glad He saw fit to give me Rachel.


  1. I have three and they are pretty special, too. You definitely look like sisters. :)

  2. I have 2 sisters, but only one close in age. My younger sister is 11. lol

    I wish my sister were closer. We are pretty close, but we don't have a lot in common.