Sunday, November 13, 2011

2011 Gratitude Challenge ~ Day Thirteen

I love my children, ALL of my children!! They are each special in their own way.
But today as I was watching Ezra being silly, dancing with his sister, I had a moment.
A moment that came to mind, like it has many times before - what if?
Ezra was born 3 months early. I was 25 weeks, 6 days pregnant to be exact.
He came so quickly there was no time for steriod shots to help his lungs.
No time to start a prayer chain to let our family and friends know what was happening.

Ezra weighed 2 lbs 1 oz, but his weight dropped the next day to 1 lb 11 oz.
Those first few days and weeks of not knowing if we would ever bring our baby home.
Watching, sitting and waiting, only able to touch his toes and sometimes not even that.
6 weeks of a machine breathing for him.
He was in the NICU for 3 very long months.

Thank you Jesus for Ezra. I'm so very thankful for the blessing of this sweet, little boy.


  1. I remember when Rod called to tell me that Ezra was born. The whole thing was just so surreal. I praise God for the miracle that is Ezra. It was so great to see him the other day! I can't believe how far he has come. What an amazing little boy he is!

  2. What a miracle! God is so good!!!

  3. That was such a moving video. I am so thankful that he made it through all of that.