Monday, November 21, 2011

The Reading Game - TOS Review

My 6 year old Avarie and I have been playing a great new game called The Reading Game. It's from the author of Wordly Wise, Kenneth Hodkinson.

The game comes with six story books and six decks of matching playing cards.

The Reading Game is like Memory, which we've played lots in our house. That got Avarie interested in learning how to play. She also does well when it's just the two of us. This game is intended for the tutor or parent and child.
Since Avarie is just beginning to learn to read, we started with the first book which is the skunk series.
The deck of cards that go along with each book are numbered. The first ten cards are numbered 1 with a word on the back. There are two cards with the same word on the back. You lay them face down and play the game like memory, making matches with the words. Once you find two of the same word you have your match! Now you need to read the word outloud. Since Avarie is very new to reading we said the words together, but after several times of playing she not only was learning to read the words, she was spelling them too!
After Avarie felt confident with the first set of cards/words, we moved on to the second set.

Like many homeschoolers, we've learned to adapt games and curriculum to fit our needs. This game was no different and it worked well for us to play the card game a few times, read the book that went with the game, and then back to the cards.

When you feel that your child or student can easily read the ten words from card games 1 and 2, the student is tested by reading the "test sentences". Following this, you will have your child move on to card set 3, 4, 5, and 6 in sequence. There are "test sentences" to complete after card games 3 and 4 and then again after games 5 and 6.

The reading books are really cute all with animal themes. My younger two children enjoyed just looking at the books when Avarie and I were playing the card game. Ezra loved the snake, zebra and bear books, while Marlee loved the unicorn and penguins books.

This game is a nice addition when teaching your child to read. When we were working with our reading workbook today, Avarie asked if we could play The Reading Game instead!
If you can make learning fun, it's a hit with me!

The Reading Game sells for $24.95 and you can order it directly from their website.

When you're checking out the website you need to click on the Educators link for free downloads to go with your game, like sight word assessment and test sentence worksheets!

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I received The Reading Game in exchange for my thoughts and honest review.

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