Monday, January 30, 2012

KinderBach - TOS Review

With my large family I feel like there are times I spend much of my day running my kids to their different activities and appointments. Between youth group, play practice, the orthodontist, music lessons, basketball, speech therapy, and so on, it can be a lot!
I'm always on the look out for something convenient, to help my day go easier.
How great would it be to take piano lessons at home?
KinderBach is like no program I've ever seen. They use fun characters to teach ideas, making the process entertaining. And I love that no piano is needed (I for one have no room for a big piano in my home). A toy keyboard works great for these introductory piano lessons recommended for children ages 2-7.

Five of my children have taken piano lessons at some point in their lives and none of them play today. I can't help but wonder if a program like this would have made a difference?
My six year old daughter Avarie is now asking to take piano lessons and this review was a great trial run to see if playing piano would be something for her.
She has had so much fun dancing and singing with each of the lessons!

There are 6 curriculum levels to KinderBach and each level is scheduled to last 10 weeks, with 4 lessons a week.
For each level of Kinderbach there is a cooresponding PDF workbook.

They offer different purchasing options - A year Membership is $95.88 (equivalent to $7.99 a month). Monthly Membership is $19.99. A day Pass is just $5.95 so you can try the program for just a single day.
You can also choose the best way to view these lessons, online or by watching DVDs. There is no musical background required.
AND A NO RISK 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Check out their Facebook page and you’ll find a 40% off coupon code for all of their at-home products.

You can try KinderBach for free by clicking HERE!

KinderBach is a great way to get music lessons at home and have one less activity or appointment to do.

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I received a complimentary online subscription to KinderBach in exchange for my thoughts and honest review.

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