Monday, February 27, 2012

miscellany monday

So this is my first post participating in miscellany monday with Carissa. Just a list of my life's randomsness.

1) This afternoon my girl's have their last basketball game of the season. Bittersweet, I enjoy watching them play, but glad some of my extra running will end. They have an awesome coach (my Dad) and have learned a lot from him, special times to be treasured for sure.

2) Elle graduates this year. Again, bittersweet. She's my dreamer and has so many things she wants to do. She has her list of goals made out and is ready to conquer the world. She's starting two weeks after graduation by traveling to Ireland with our youth group for her first ever missions trip.

3) I'm still nursing. People either think it's an accomplishment or that I'm crazy - they're both right. :) My little mama's milk lover will be 3 the end of May.

4) This is our 5th year involved in the March of Dimes. We do this in honor of our sweet Ezra who was born at 26 weeks, 14 week too early. Fundraising is underway and we are looking forward to our big walk the end of April.

5) I'm dreaming of summer, counting down the days. Oh to feel the hot sun against my face, being out on the boat, my toes in the sand, sitting by the pool. It can't get here soon enough!

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  1. I'm dreaming of summer too! I'm so ready for the sun and the sand! Can't come soon enough! :)