Monday, March 19, 2012

Day One

So today I did what I've been saying I'm gonna due since the new year.

I went to the gym.

I don't really like to tell people when I'm trying to loose weight, but maybe this way it'll hold me more accountable.
Maybe someone reading this has talked and talked and talked (you get the point) about working out, getting fit, dropping some pounds and hasen't started...yet.

I always said I don't have time to go to the gym and I still don't, but I'm making the time. How do you add more hours to your day? You get up earlier. This is HUGE for me. I'm a night owl, I like to stay up until about midnight, closer to 1 am. I usually get up at 7 am and thats only because I babysit and they come at 7:15. Now I'm getting up at 5:30 and going to the gym from 6 to 7 AM!! Home by 7:15 to start my day.

If I can do this YOU can do this!

I was pushed by my workout buddy, my friend Natausha. She is not only sharing her gym membership with me so it doesn't cost me a dime, she is the driving force to get me there AND to keep me moving once I'm there! Don't we all need a friend like that???

Today I did the eliptical machine for 25 minutes. I wanted to be on it for 5, but someone said I could probably due 25. After the first 20 seconds I really thought there was NO WAY I'm staying on this thing for 25 L O N G minutes! But we started talking and laughing and before I knew it 15 minutes passed! I was so thirsty but was scared to move my hands off the pole thingy (new gym person here). I wasn't sure if I'd fall or not. So that become my reward, get to 25 minutes and you get a drink of cold water!

271 calories burned, is that good? Don't tell me if it's not. I'm teling myself it is, afterall if I were at home I'd be getting ready to eat a bagel with an inch of cream cheese on top!

I then took my slightly wobbley legs to the free weights where I worked out my arms.

My first workout in, well lets just say a long time, lasted an hour. I got home to find my teens, my toddlers and the house in one piece, so all in all a good morning.

Is it too soon to say I'm not sore at all?
I'll let you know! But I feel pretty good right now!

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  1. Crystal, as a reward for starting something good, I am here to tell you that you won the dvd of The Woodcarver. Yay! Your family will really enjoy it.

    Let me know your physical address asap and I will get the info to the people who will mail out the dvd. If you already got a copy somewhere else, let me know since I have a backup winner.

    I hope you enjoy it.


    Heather @ Blessings Pour Out
    blessingfarm at cox dot net