Sunday, March 25, 2012

Field Trip

Friday we drove a little over an hour with friends - Sharon, Kevin and boys, to get to our field trip. It was a gorgeous day, almost 80 degrees! We have been studying the Civil War for history and have been looking forward to our Gettysburg trip all year!

It was great and I encourage you to go if you have the chance. We started at the visitor center where they have a nice museum, film and cyclorama about the war. Wish I had pictures to show, but you weren't allowed to take them of the cyclorama, it was awesome! My museum pictures were just ok, we were asked not to use a flash.
Afterwards we found a nice area for our picnic lunch and decided how to check out the battle fields. Your options are to take a tour bus, hire a tour guide to go with you in your car or a self guided auto tour. The gift shop sells CD's that go with the auto tour for $25. As long as you go the speed limit the CD will explain what you are looking at along the 24 mile tour.
We decided to grab a map and took the self tour so we could go at our own pace. It worked out nicely as each spot is numbered and matches up with your map so you can read about each of the 16 tour stops, my kids favorite part (wink).

I love history and places like this are amazing to see! Sharon and I kept talking all day how fascinating it is to walk where so much history took place.

It was really interesting to walk on the fields and the kids enjoyed being outside all day climbing and learning - ok, probably more the climbing.

A fun day, with beautiful weather and great friends! And between all the walking, steps, climbing and laughing, I didn't feel bad at all about skipping the gym.

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  1. It was such a fun day.....including the evening. LOL!!! :)