Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I See Sam - TOS Review

Avarie is 6, in first grade and learning to read. She is a young 1st grader with a late summer birthday. If in public school she would have missed the cut off and been in Kindergarten this year - another benefit of homeschooling! Ezra just turned 5 in February, so both are super excited about books!

Getting the box from Academic Success in the mail was like Christmas for my kids! They were so excited to open it and look at the Little Books!

About the Author - Dr. Alan Hofmeister has spent 30 years working with parents and teachers learning about effective instruction. It is Alan's research that has made the Reading for All Learners programs so effective.

Some of the great things Academic Success offers -
Create your own customized guide and lesson planner just for your child. Help deciding which Little Books are right for your learners. Great for schools, co-ops, homeschooling, any group and individual needs. Progress charts and Success Certificates can be downloaded for free. Comes with an Instructor Guidelines booklet. Free support recources online at Simple method with lots of practice. Repetition has been very useful.

The Instructor Guidelines is a great resource. It explains how long you should be reading the Little Books, about 15-30 minutes daily. The books need to be read in numerical order because the sounds and words in each book build on previous books.

Each book includes Pronunciation Guide, Sound Practice and Word Practice before your student starts reading. As the student reads, there are Comprehension Questions for the parent to ask as well as little reminders to give your child praise when he finishes a page. At the end of the book, there is a Coming Attractions section to prepare your student for new words in the next book.

You can download a sample book HERE and see how great these Little Books are for yourself.

I See Sam Readers come in sets for 8 different levels, and each set costs $30. There are 141 colored coded readers.

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I received Set 1 and Set 2 Little Books in exchange for my thoughts and honest review.

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