Monday, March 5, 2012

miscellany monday

miscellany monday is about listing the miscellaneous goings on in my life right now. If you'd like to join in check out miscellany monday with Carissa.

My Pappy passed away Wednesday, February 29th in the late evening hours. All his children, some grandchildren and my Gram by his side. My Pap was 90 years old. He was full of spunk, even Tuesday night during my visit he told me Ezra is his favorite kid - my mom was trying to get him to say it was her. He sang a little bit of Elvis for us, being silly, and we took turns holding his sweet, soft hand.

I love when my kids are silly, makes me smile.

This little girl is my crazy one, clothing is always optional in her book.

Even better when my older kids are silly!

My Gram and Pap. I love you!

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