Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Top Ten

I'm linking with Angie today from Many Little Blessings and listing my TOP TEN!

Spring is ONE WEEK away! A light at the end of the tunnel. And with spring like temps this week it has got me thinking of my top ten things I'd like to do with my kids in warmer weather.

1~ Go to the park
2~ Do school outside
3~ Boating with our family
4~ Gardening
5~ Swimming at my parents pool
6~ Picnics
7~ The beach (we do this when its cold too) :)
8~ Hikes
9~ HersheyPark
10~ Catch fireflys

What are you looking forward to with warmer weather coming?


  1. Oh I love the warm weather... one of our favorite things to do is watch my husband and son throw the baseball in the backyard - my daughter swings and whistles, and I sit on the deck with a good book. So simple, but I really love it!

  2. Oh...fireflies. I love going outside during the summer when the fireflies are out. It always makes me feel like a kid.

  3. 78 in Michigan..we live on a lake and I bought a kayak today:) (lost about 50lbs in the last few years)....weight training and VERY excited that I feel I can fit and maneuver water craft:) excited for summer!