Friday, April 27, 2012

An update for anyone that may be interested and following, besides my husband. :)
I am now on the elliptical for 30 minutes, 5 minutes up from my normal 25. BUT with those extra 5 minutes I am burning 50 more calories!!!
Oh yes, I've started counting calories. I was getting way too frustrated with my little 3 pound weight loss after 6 grueling weeks of going to the gym.
I found a great site called MyFitnessPal that has been a huge help keeping track of my food intake. You should check it out!
In addition to my extra time on the elliptical and counting calories, I am really watching what I eat. NOT cutting out all the "fun stuff", but really trying to cut back. I've given up soda and I'm drinking lots of water AND looking forward to my body getting use to that so I'm not running to the bathroom so often!
I even found an old pair of ankle weights in my storage room I've been wearing around the house!

It's a process that's moving s l o w e r then I expected or want it to, but I'm doing something FINALLY instead of just talking about it and wishing I would have started last year.

So if you're working on dropping some pounds I hope you don't give up either!

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