Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Field Trip

In our home, we LOVE field trips!!! Many times I'll try to set up a trip that goes along with our studies, but there are other times when we just need a day away.

THIS was a day away for some fun! Our sweet dentist (yes, we love our dentist) gave our entire family FREE passes to The Turkey Hill Experience.

We were greeted buy the friendly staff, looked at the cute gift shop, and then were pointed in the right direction for the self guided tour.

Even being born and raised in good 'ol Lancaster County, my kids and I learned a lot of interesting facts!

We all took turns "milking" the cows. There were several throughout the building.

My three youngest nuts!

There is a section where you can create your OWN flavor ice cream.

Two more of my nutty kids!

We read lots about cows and the history of Turkey Hill. It was a lot of fun and we may go back again later in the year for a second field trip. Our favorite part?  A toss up between making our own ice cream commercial and taste testing ice cream! I think we all left with mild belly aches!
Overall a great experience and if you're ever near by it's worth a visit!

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