Thursday, October 4, 2012

What's Happening?

Wow, we've had some busy weeks! Between schooling, helping my sister with her wedding and getting back into the groove with our fall schedule, I haven't had very much time to blog.

For those sweet friends that stop by to check in with the Bryan family (thank you), here is an update on our lives!

I've been writing a monthly column for Homeschool Mosiacs web site (and a review here and there). Stop by and check them out! A super, great site for homeschoolers and more!

My oldest daughter Elle started college in September! She loves it and is doing really good. She is attending Full Sail University, my baby girl is gonna be a writer. Her first two assignments ended with a 95% and a 100%, she is working so hard. Here is a picture of us being silly after graduation this past May.

As for the rest of my kids, here is a quick run down -
Blaze is working and living on his own (he'll be 21 in Dec.), Alex is working and going to school part time at HACC (he recently moved back home). Elle (I mentioned above) is also working at Giant. Pheonix is in his senior year of homeschooling and exploring his options after graduation, he is also working at MoviEtown. Megan is in 11th grade, Madi in 10th, Jess in 8th, Avarie in 2nd, Ezra started Kindergarten this year and Marlee is 3 years old now and we are learning to count, colors, shapes, ect. We also have youth group, basketball, two part time jobs, babysitting, music lessons, speech therapy (Ezra), and a few other things I'm sure I'm forgetting.

And the wedding... it seems like yesterday they announced their engagement and now POOF it's all over. Here are some moments from her special day.


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