Friday, November 16, 2012

Dinner time - again

In theory, I love to cook.
 In reality, it's my biggest chore.
When asked, I use to say laundry was my most dreaded chore.

It. Just. Never. Ends.
BUT, times have changed. My teens do all of their own laundry and even my dear hubby will do his. I'm mainly doing sheets, towels, my own, and the three youngest.
Don't get me wrong, it's still A LOT of laundry.
But I have it under control.

Dinner - that's another story.
And really no excuse for it.
I have plenty of helpers.
Tons of recipes.

Cooking for a large family is work.
Planning, grocery shopping, preparing, serving, cleaning up - ug...

As soon as I hit it big and win tons of money I'm hiring a cook!
Until then, I need to get past this dinner hump and get my cooking groove back on.

I love using my crock pot, so I'm starting there.
We don't eat a ton of red meat, mostly chicken, fish and pasta. So I'm searching out new and exciting recpies to try. Pinterest really is my friend with this.
My four older daughters are also going to get more involved with the meal planning.

Any other ideas to get me out of my cooking slump?



  1. I'm lucky that my husband does the cooking, but I would have suggested the crockpot.

    The laundry monster is completely destroying my house. I'm glad to hear it may be vanquished one day.

    1. How awesome your husband cooks! Mine does too but works long days so it's mostly my chore.
      Yes, the laundry monster, LOL, you'll conquer the beast someday or at least be able to train some helpers. :)