Saturday, November 17, 2012

World Prematurity Day

My beautiful son Ezra came into this world 14 weeks early.
After having a very troublesome pregnancy, in and out of the hospital, we were still shocked one cold February morning to hear our doctor tell us Ezra was going to be born. It was a true emergency c-section - no time for steriod shots, not time to call all our loved ones.
One minute we were praying for a long pregnancy and the next a safe delivery.

Ezra was born weighing just 2 pounds 1 ounce.
His weight dropped the next day to 1 pound 11 ounces.

 Ezra was in the NICU for three very LONG months.

I was able to hold my baby boy for the first time when he was two weeks old.

 Today we are blessed to have a very happy, very healthy 5 year old.

We love you Ezra Thomas!

For more information on World Prematurity Day, visit their fb page.


  1. Oh, you dear, dear heart! Your photo of Ezra made me gasp. I cannot begin to imagine what life must have been like for you in those two weeks. So, so thrilled to read that E is a happy, healthy boy now!

  2. those tiny feet just melted my heart. so sweet and what a miracle! thanks for visiting me and following-im returning the favor. have a wonderful day!