Monday, November 5, 2012

Savvy Slow Cookin' Monday

I love my crock pot! Over the years I've had to upgrade, well buy bigger, as my family grew, but all the more reason to use it!
How great is it to throw your meal in a giant pot and have it cook all day long! Makes your home smell great and when evening rolls around and you're busy, it's nice to know your meal is almost done and ready to serve. (There are days I'm glad to not spend hours cooking dinner.)
I use to use my crock pot every Monday when the kids and I were part of a homeschool co-op. They were long days and putting dinner in before we left and knowing the cooking is getting done while we were "working" made my day better.
I've since started using my crock pot way more then just Mondays. It just seems so easy to get it started first thing in the morning, before the kids get up, and my day gets crazy.
Mondays are still extra busy for me with speech therapy, basketball practice and girl scouts. We all seem to be coming and going that day of the week more then any other.
Having a meal ready to go, especially the recipe I'm going to share, ensures everyone is fed before their activity or work if we can't sit and eat as a family.
So pull your crock pot out, dust it off (or scrub it) and try a yummy meal for your family!

One of my easiest meals to make is chicken BBQ.
I've made this many times on a busy Monday or a Wednesday before we all leave for youth group. I've made it when family and friends are over visiting.
It's just a good, easy meal.

I'm not a super cook, but I can get the job done. If you have a better recipe use it! Here is what I do -

I prefer to use boneless, skinless chicken. I just about fill my pot, around 5 lbs I'd guess.
I add water - less then half full, some onions and chicken boullion.
I let it cook on high all day.
I check it several times a day, giving it a good stir.
When I cut the chicken in half and it's cooked all the way, I turn my crock pot to low, drain the water, break up the chicken, and add BBQ sauce.
I always use Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ, it's our favorite!

I put out some yummy rolls for BBQ sandwiches, a jar of my homemade pickles, and a bag of chips, sometimes a salad.

Do you have an easy, quick, or just delicious crock pot meal to share? Why not link up with Savvy Slow Cookin' Monday?

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  1. Thanks for linking up. I'm having pork bbq in my crock pot for supper! I should blog about it - but I just through in some pork loin roasts, some bbq sauce and a bit of brown sugar. Couldn't be any easier!